Practice Overview

Patents, Trademarks, & Copyrights

Paparella & Associates is "World-Wise" and has a client base which extends throughout the world. In the United States, the firm operates primarily from the Atlanta Georgia and Grand Rapids Michigan offices. However, due to the firms nationwide practice and focus on client services, the firm routinely arranges and meets their business clients throughout the United States. By leveraging resources, technology, and business relationships, Paparella & Associates is able to serve clients nationwide, with service that is unparalleled, and a fee structure that is inline with business expectations.

Paparella & Associates is aggressive and efficient in pursuing your patent, trademark, or copyright applications, registrations and services including:

  • All intellectual property matters including patent, trademark, and copyright services;
  • Patent services including patent application (regular, provisional and design) and patent filing and prosecution, patent infringement services, patentability searches and opinions, licensing contracts, issues and assistance, clearance opinions, and litigation;
  • Trademark services including trademark application and trademark filing for registration of trademarks in any state, throughout the U.S., and throughout the world, and trademark infringement services;
  • Copyright services including applications and filings;
  • Patent infringement services;
  • Trademark infringement services;
  • Patent and trademark searches and opinions;
  • Patent and trademark licensing services and assistance;
  • Patent and trademark clearance opinions;
  • Patent and trademark infringement litigation
  • Patent and trademark quality analysis, assessment, and mapping
  • Strategic Marketing Advice, including strategic marketing ideas, promotion and promoter advice, and IP protection;
  • Intellectual Property Support, including appearances before the United States Patent and Trademark Office – USPTO, licensing issues, and infringement issues; and
  • Intellectual Property Litigation including patent and trademark infringement litigation and opinions.
  • Prevent Others from Using or Profiting from our Clients’ Intellectual Property (including obtaining patent protection, service mark protection, trademark protection, and copyright protection, as well as patent infringement issues, service mark infringement issues, trademark infringement issues, and copyright infringement issues, including infringement analysis and opinions)
  • Strategic Marketing Advice (including strategic marketing ideas, promotion and promoter advice, and IP protection)
  • Intellectual Property Support (appearances before the United States Patent and Trademark Office – USPTO, licensing issues, infringement issues)
  • Intellectual Property Litigation (including infringement litigation and opinions)

Paparella & Associates is an intellectual Property law firm (patent and trademark law firm) that can help you to protect the critical aspects of your business including patent and trademark services such as: patent and trademark applications. Our law firm can file these applications in the U.S. as well as throughout the world. We are represent our clients in many technical areas and offer all patent services including utility, provisional, and design patent preparation and application, including software patents, business method patents, and electronic patents, as well as patent infringement and numerous other patent services.

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