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Paparella & Associates is uniquely positioned to provide your business with the intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.) services you expect from a local Ann Arbor firm, yet the Firms patent and trademark practice has been developed to extend to businesses throughout the U.S., as well as throughout the world. That's why many Ann Arbor businesses are choosing Paparella & Associates, a Grand Rapids Michigan based law firm, to represent them in their patent and trademarks matters: Local quality with World-Wise experience.

How to find a Patent and trademark Attorney or Lawyer in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Who’s services do you Choose?

Choosing a patent attorney or trademark lawyer in Ann Arbor, Michigan can be a critical part of your business development, and it is crucial that you choose the appropriate patent lawyer or trademark attorney. In the greater Ann Arbor area, as well as throughout Michigan, the choice is clear: Paparella and Associates is the patent law firm of choice.

You may already have a working relationship with a Ann Arbor or Michigan lawyer and, you may want to start there. In fact, many Ann Arbor and Michigan business lawyers have developed a certain degree of experience with some intellectual property matters. For example, many attorneys handle non-complex trademark and copyright issues. 

However, when it comes to complex issues such as patents, complex trademarks, and infringement services, you should always consult a registered patent and trademark attorney or lawyer, as the registration and prosecution of these intellectual property matters can be quite complex. 

When choosing *registered patent and trademark lawyers and attorneys in Ann Arbor, you should always choose the most qualified attorney, lawyer, or firm. In the specialty field of patent law and trademark law, the most qualified attorneys and lawyers will specialize or practice only in patent and trademark law. Firms that practice solely in patent and trademark application, prosecution, and registration matters are known as intellectual property boutique law firms. Secondly, it is usually best to seek IP law firms which employ patent attorneys and trademark lawyers with actual or "real-world" business and engineering experience, and whose experience represents a diverse spectrum of the business and engineering community. Again, in the greater Ann Arbor area, as well as throughout Michigan, the choice is clear: Paparella and Associates is the patent law firm of choice.

The intellectual property law firm of Paparella & Associates has the experienced attorneys and lawyers that your Ann Arbor based business requires. Paparella and Associates not only specializes in patent and trademark application, registration, and prosecution, but also practices only in intellectual property (IP) services.

Ann Arbor and Michigan TIPSTM (Technology and Intellectual Property Statistics):

Patent statistics are a useful and informative business tool. Unfortunately, they can be hard to come by. As such, the attorneys and staff of Paparella & Associates has compiled these statistics** for your benefit and use. If you have any questions about these patent statistics, please call one of our offices:

1) Patents, by Company, Ann Arbor:

2) Patents, by Company, Michigan (2002-2006):

3) Patents, by Company, Michigan (2001-2005):

The Paparella & Associates Difference - A PATENT, TRADEMARK, & COPYRIGHT LAW FIRM

We offer our Michigan and Ann Arbor clients a wealth of experience.  That is why Paparella & Associates is known as “World Wise.”  We have built a patent and trademark practice which revolves around the “Golden Rule” - This simple tenet drives our growth: we treat ALL our clients with the respect they have earned. You will not be disappointed with the quality of representation.  That’s a promise straight from Mr. Paparella.

Paparella & Associates is a law firm which specializes in intellectual Property.  Namely, Patents, Trademarks, & Copyrights and serves the business community primarily through its northern center in Grand Rapids, Michigan and its southern center in Atlanta, Georgia. However, Paparella & Associates serves a nationwide clientele and operates through strategic cities located throughout the U.S. (Serving businesses in the Atlanta, Austin, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Houston, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Miami, San Antonio, San Diego, San Jose, Seattle, and Tampa).  Paparella & Associates is uniquely situated to deliver the highest quality representation, with expenses that are more in line with business expectations.  Handling all Intellectual Property matters including, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Infringement matters, Clearance Opinions, Freedom to Operate Opinions, and patent and trademark Litigation services.


Patent services including utility, provisional, and design patent preparation, application, and prosecution, including biomedical, computer and software, electrical, mechanical, and business method patents. We also represent our clients in patent infringement litigation and associated services. Paparella and Associates represents its patent clientele throughout the U.S. and throughout the world by providing patent application preparation and prosecution services in every country throughout the world, either individually or through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

• Patent services including patent application, patent filing, and patent prosecution. Including, regular (utility), provisional, and design applications; patent infringement services; patentability searches and opinions; licensing contracts, advice, and assistance; clearance opinions; and patent litigation including infringement, anti competitive, and antitrust litigation.

Trademark services include trademark application and registration. Including federal application and registration, as well as application and registration in every state throughout the United States. We also represent our clients in trademark infringement litigation and associated services. Paparella and Associates also represents its clientele throughout the world by providing trademark application and registration services in every country throughout the world, either individually or through the Madrid Protocol.

• Trademark services including trademark application, trademark filing, and trademark prosecution and registration of trademarks in any U.S. territory, federally, as well as throughout the world; trademark infringement services; trademark searches and opinions; licensing contracts, advice, and assistance; clearance opinions; and trademark litigation including infringement, anti competitive, and antitrust litigation.

• Copyright services including applications and filings;

• Patent infringement services;

• Trademark infringement services;

• Patent and trademark searches and opinions;

• Patent and trademark licensing services and assistance;

• Patent and trademark clearance opinions;

• Patent and trademark infringement litigation;

• Patent and trademark quality analysis, assessment, and mapping;

• Intellectual Property Management and IP protection;

• Strategic Business Advice including strategies, positioning, marketing and promotional advice of IP related matters;

• Patent and Trademark Support including appearances before the United States Patent and Trademark Office;

• Intellectual Property Litigation including patent and trademark infringement litigation and opinions;

• Advice on preventing others from using, profiting, or otherwise negatively impacting our Clients’ Intellectual Property.

*Patent and trademark Attorneys and Lawyers-Background:

The field of intellectual property (IP) law covers legal issues involving patents, trademarks, copyrights. However, a broader definition of IP law also includes the areas of trade secrets, unfair competition, infringement matters, computer or internet law, entertainment law, and licensing.

The level of expertise required to represent a client in an intellectual property matter depends on the specific area of IP in question. In certain cases, such as those involving patents and trademarks, the law is so specialized that an intellectual property lawyer, registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), should be consulted. In fact, when representing a client before the USPTO in a patent matter, the practitioner must be so registered. In cases involving trademarks, although registration is not required, the examination process is extensive, and requires such a thorough knowledge of relevant case and statutory law, a registered practitioner who is experienced and specializes in the field should nonetheless be consulted in order to represent business interests more effectively.

Although the term intellectual property attorney is sometimes used rather loosely, registered intellectual property attorneys (also known as patent attorneys) belong to one of only two legally recognized specialized fields of law. A registered IP attorney is a specialized business attorney who must not only pass one or more requisite State Bars, but also a Federal (USPTO) Bar. Further, in order to even take the Federal Bar Exam, the attorney must possess a scientific or technical degree. The latter requirement is usually fulfilled with an engineering degree. As such, only practitioners that have passed State and Federal Bars, and have been admitted to practice before the USPTO, may call themselves registered intellectual property attorneys or patent attorneys, and as such, only then are they allowed to prosecute patents before the USPTO.

**Statistics: Statistics compiled from USPTO information

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