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A patent is a right granted by the United States government to an inventor. There are three types of patents available in the United States: (1) a utility patent, which covers the functional aspects of products and processes. A utility patent can be applied for as either a provisional patent application or a regular patent application; (2) a design patent, which covers the ornamental design; and (3) a plant patent, which covers a new variety of living plant. Each type of patent confers "the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling" the invention in the United States or importing the invention into the U.S. It is the right to exclude others that makes the patent so valuable to U.S. businesses.

If you have developed a new product, process (including software), manufacture, composition of matter, or new and useful improvement thereof, you may be able to exclude your competition from using the product, process, manufacture, or composition of matter, by securing a patent grant. However, the patent process is extremely complex, and the patent lawyer or law firm you choose for patent services will likely dictate the amount of protection you receive. Your business' protection depends on choosing experienced patent and trademark attorneys.

Paparella & Associates is an intellectual Property law firm (patent and trademark law firm) that specializes in protecting the intellectual property of your business. Our representation comprises: the preparation and filing of utility patent applications both the U.S., as well as internationally, including software patents and business method patents; the preparation and filing of provisional patents, as well as design patents; representation in patent infringement matters; patent opinion matters; and patent litigation, as well as numerous other patent and trademark services.

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